About Me

Hi! I'm Sammy. I started this blog because I hate facebook and I've been seriously slacking on my pen pal skills. I like dogs, the winter (!!!), the sunshine, always having painted nails, wearing the sockos combination (socks + chacos= BEST THING EVER), hanging out with chillens, being in the special education world, gardening, running, having a friend do yoga with me so I don't feel stupid and hot pepper rings. I hate doing the dishes, cats that are not declawed that jump on you and scare you, accidently drinking coffee in the afternoon, food smelling perfumes, cartoons, animated shows, anyone under 18 with a smartphone, and forgetting names. I believe it's important to be involved in your community and support others around you. 

Hope you enjoy the fun! And you can follow me on instagram at @popcornsami

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