Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A man's thoughts on PLL

Jae and I watch A LOT of tv. Like, a lot. We watch tv before bed every night (it helps me fall asleep). We have watched all of Gilmore Girls, New Girl, OITNB,  Blue Mountain State, and loads of others. 

Recently Jae and I were watching Pretty Little Liars on netflix. (My choice, not his, ha!) Jae is totally the kind of person who likes to ask annoying questions while watching tv. I get where he is coming from, but he needs to shut up sometimes! 

Here are a list of things I have compiled that he has to say.. 

-Why do none of their boyfriends have proper haircuts?
Long hair, don't care

-Have you ever seen a high schooler dressed that nice?
I wish I dressed that good in high school. Or even right now. 

-Is that teacher wearing high heeled boots? Do they hurt her feet?
-Was this school built in the 1960s? Why is nothing retrofitted! What are these chalkboards?
Mad because the desks are not like that in high school 

-Really, Mona looks fine. (this is season 4 for reference)
-Why does Toby look insane? His face is too dudebro. It's obvious that he's effed up. Look at those crazy eyes. And that hair. I wouldn't even do my hair like that. 
I do admit, he does kind of look intense
-Why do they all look so good? 

We may never know. 


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