Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Things I hate about fall

Things I hate about fall
-every girl wearing the same outfit. Vest, oversized long sleeve shirt or sweater, jeans/ leggings, knee high boots. Myself included on that one. 
-the other standard outfit is plaid shirt with jeans. 
-pumpkin spice lattes. I definitely enjoy hazelnut flavors more. Most of the time I am not spending my money on a $4-5 drink. 
-everyone's leaves pictures getting like 80 billion likes on instagram. I get it. It's a leaf that changed color. No need to post 5 pictures of the same tree. 

Alternately, this e-card is doing me pretty well right now. If I hadn't deleted most social media over the summer I'm sure I could have found a picture of me inappropriately wearing flannel every. single. night. 

sunshine, sammy


  1. Ha, this is fun! I also don't buy anything Pumpkin related at Starbucks or anything, but I do love pumpkin candles, and maybe a leaf picture or two;) Don't hate me!

  2. Aha I actually take a picture of the tree outside my house every week so I can compare it! We definitely got the pumpkin scentsy things going on in the house :)