Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Senior citizen on the prowl

I have had a long, wearing battle with the color of my hair. When I was younger, I had the typical ashy blonde hair that most people have. As it started to get darker, I turned to a bottle of Sun In my cousin left at my grandparents house in Florida. Obvi, it turned lighter but none the less orange-r and I was happy. 

Since gaining WAY more knowledge about dying your hair at home using the sally's supplies, my girlfriend Waffles turned my dark strawberry blonde a few shades lighter and I loved it! It was great for summer and spending every single day outside and on the lake. 

Tan, blonde, and enjoying the sunshine

Even go-kart racing is more fun as a blonde

Then, I did a cardinal sin. I dyed it dark. 

Gone to the dark side
After a few months had past, I decided I wanted to have more fun. AKA, dye my hair strawberry blonde again and get rid of the dark. After about a month of googling, I decided it would be best to do it in three stages.. a bleach bath with a color in november, another bleach bath over thanksgiving, and then finish the whole shebang off over christmas. A few weeks between each process, and the new knowledge of applying coconut oil before applying the dye. 

Bleach bath= 40 creme developer + clear shampoo + bleach

It looked great! I knew that it would be a little orange-y cos I had dyed it dark. It was not too damaged at all, and still looked like a great in-between color. 

Apparently you have to shade in your eyebrows when you're blonde.. 
So then I waited two weeks. Two long weeks. I kind of got bored one day and thought, hey, another bleach bath won't hurt!

I was right about the bleach bath being fine. But then I decided to tone it.. Apparently my hair was a little too delicate at that stage because it TURNED GRAY (aka almost my natural color nowadays).

Much more old lady like in real life

It was a HUGE SHOCK! But of course, of all the people this could have happened to, I was actually not too horrified by it. I definitely looked "trendy" or like an old lady from the back. Cue the senior citizen jokes from all my friends. 

It is halfway washing out right now, but now I am definitely not going to fix it for a few weeks! ahhH!
Current status: grayish and cold

So moral of the story.. when you have a plan.. you should stick to it. 

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