Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Boycotting Halloween

okay, so I didn't really boycott Halloween. But I did avoid both the college town in which I reside and the metro Detroit hometown from where I am. Instead, I went up north!

Blurry pic from the hammock. Behind me, Lake Huron! It was 34 degrees and I loved it! 

Gabe loved it too! He jumped in the water all over the place. I stole Gabe for the weekend since Jae was doing Army stuff. I would say we had much more fun ;)

I also went to Holly Berry- a craft show in Caseville! Lots of beer bread, dips, and winter crafts were found. My mom came too and she bought Jae's Christmas presents. Afterwards we went to the best margarita place ever. Of course I don't remember the name, but I wasn't driving so I will have to look it up! lOl!! 

Right now we are recuperating from a fun weekend up north and I am on the healthy train. I already went for a run and drank a ton of water. Here's to a great week!!

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