Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Citizenly Duties

Hey! Just stopping by to show off that I voted!!

Clearly a long day with the middle schoolers. Then standing in voting lines. Then class. 

I actually am very excited because I got to vote for Paul Clements over Fred Upton! This is a very big deal if you are into the enviroment. I am not sure if he will win or not, but I have known him for 2 years and believe he is a much better choice than Fred. Either way, I would love to Upton to be outed. 

From the campaign from Patagonia. Cannot tell you how much patagonia gear with the I voted stickers I saw on social media! That's what I get for having camping hippie friends. ;)

And now I pretty much feel like poop and need some rest-- 


ps I went to Bridget and I were in neighboring sororities in college. She has been on an amazing weight loss journey, I would definitely reccomend her for any motivation you need!! 

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